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Western Society and Islam

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ISIS beheads a captive 2014

ISIS beheads a captive 2014

Western civilization and orthodox Islamic teaching are incompatible with one another. For a Muslim to embrace our culture means they have to reject the literal interpretations of their most holy book and adopt a pick and choose attitude of what parts they believe to be true and what parts they do not. This person it can then be said is not very principled but instead embraces a kind of moral equivocation something that plagues this country as well. This “westernized Muslim” has a very progressive attitude and not at all common among the world wide billion faithful. Polls in Muslims countries prove this. The most devout Christian for example would never believe it was acceptable to kill, steal or lie to others. The most devout Muslim is taught in their Koran that it is acceptable to kill, steal, and to lie to your enemies. That simple comparison speaks volumes. Don’t believe me. Look it up.

Americans are guilty of this too with regard to picking and choosing what to believe in the Bible or the Torah but the difference is Christian and Jewish faithful are looking only to conquer the hearts and souls of the world, Islamic faithful want to subjugate the physical world by force and establish a worldwide Caliphate, forcing people to submit to God or die. Submission not freedom is their mantra. There is a big difference between the western world and the Islamic world in this regard. They represent a billion people on planet earth. The statements by the media types and PC police would have you believe that only a small group of radicals are causing the problems, but that is not the case. The most devout Muslim following their holy book’s teachings is going to be very very different and radical compared to a citizen growing up in Western society. Not all of them strap on bombs but polls conducted in the Middle East and where they live in the world strongly suggest they support Sharia law and it barbarity. This religious culture is stuck in the 7th century and rejects the 1300 years of human development since its founding. We tolerate all religions and beliefs. They do not and never will. We are at war with this religion, physically, economically and morally, whether our leaders and PC police will admit it or not. And even if we don’t admit it, they are in deed at war with us and our way of life and culture.
This problem is not going away with better diplomacy or isolationist attitudes. They are here in our country already establishing the footholds they need. Their madrassas and mosques that teach Wahhabism and other radical beliefs are already here. Our government blindly looks the other way. I believe in order for the freedom of religion to exist all the faiths must be willing to at least acknowledge the others right to exist. Traditional Islam does not and will never recognize other religions as having a right to co-exist.

We must reject them and their ideology and not allow them to flourish at the expense of other religions and belief systems in our country. We must be very very careful at who we let into our country especially people from the Middle East and other countries that fully embrace traditional Islam. We cannot make exceptions for them just because they are Muslims. Look at what Europe has become when they allowed this culture to exist in their countries. There are entire enclaves of Muslim communities in France right now for example where French law does not apply anymore and non-Muslims are not permitted to enter or enter at risk of physical harm. How did this happen you might ask? Because some in the French government thought it was the right thing to do, being “tolerant.” It is human nature to be suspcious of those that are different than us. That is normal and healthy and can be very prudent. In this case with regards to Islam it may mean the difference between our continued survival and destruction. Don’t be naive.

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