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Should the US military be more directly accountable to the US citizens and less to the politicians in Washington, DC? I would like to explore the idea of instead of a global police force that is mighty and unaccountable to the citizens of this country, be directly controlled by the governors of each state in peace time. The only exception being in times of direct war with other nations when declared by the president and approved by the Congress. In those instances a unifying command structure could be put in place. What do you think?

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  1. I pretty much agree with all of that. I’d like to post an additional question, and this occurred to me when writing my post on who the US government owes money to. Just exactly how does owing money to another country affect how the US government deals with those countries? For instance, if you owe money to China or Russia, does that keep you from defending your allies, or affect that in any way?


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