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About Paladin House

Paladin House is a place dedicated to asking the right questions in search of the correct answers.  We are determined to preserve America’s traditions, values, and culture through education, communication, and the free exchange of ideas.

What is a Paladin? – a knight or heroic champion; a determined defender of the faith, and noble or just causes. We consider ourselves a modern version of the Paladin of legend.

Who is Paladin House?  

Paladin House is a pen name for a true blue dyed in the heart American patriot. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Paladin grew up in the South and worked for many years in Washington DC too before moving to his home near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Paladin lives with his wife and two children. Paladin brings a unique perspective to his writing. In addition to writing for the blog Paladinhouse and as a guest contributor to other blogs and articles, Paladin recently retired from service as a contract Special Investigator conducting national security and public trust background investigations on behalf of the US Government for close to twenty years. Paladin has personally met with and interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life, including some of America’s highest-ranking government officials, military commanders, and captains of industry.



  1. gpcox says:

    A pleasure to meet you, JJ. I am happy to have found your site by your visit today. I should be back for many more.


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