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Just Imagine this America

God Bless America

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For my America and Freedom lovers and those who support the rule of law over “hope and change” Marxism, anarchy and political correctness mob rule.

I’m just dreaming….

Imagine for a moment with all of this hoopla going on all across the country; all this disloyal, treasonous, violent insanity going on..this fear mongering and media manipulation..

We the Americans who love our country, warts and all, just decided one day to walk to Washington, DC.

We carry our guns, just like our forefathers did at Lexington and Concord. And we bring our Bible, Torah, or Koran, our American flag too and any other patriotic memorabilia we can find and just march.

Armed you say? Well not to start anything at all, but instead to celebrate freedom and independence and put on notice the establishment, the socialists, the enemies inside and outside our country like the anarchists, and the violence seekers and let them know that we can show up too and be loud too and be rambunctious too but we won’t be violent.

Once we get there on the National Mall in Washington DC we could just sing the National Anthem, Lee Greenwood’s I’m Glad to be an American or something like that and then maybe kneel in prayer or silence for the fallen warriors who gave everything, all their tomorrows so we could do this, gather peacefully and be free to love and show our love for each other and America. Grateful that America exists in the world and we happen to be citizens of this great country.

Maybe someone could read the Declaration of Independence. We wouldn’t spew hatred or crybaby stuff..just honest to goodness patriotic fervor. Covid fear free of course… (Everyone dies people, it’s how you live that really matters)

Imagine millions marching and hundreds of thousands of armed people of all walks of life, all colors, and religious creeds just getting together on the Mall and the rest surrounding Washington in tents. . (can’t fit everyone cause there are just so many)..just imagine.

Just a long march across the country maybe from California to Washington where people join up along the way to celebrate America and provide a show of force that no nation on Earth would want to tangle with let alone some pip squeak pajama boys and wanna be Marxists.

Imagine millions of armed men and women marching peacefully. Singing maybe…

Do you know how intimidating that would be to the anti-Americans; all the gun grabbers; the Chinese, Iranians and North Koreans, let alone all of the race baiters and big government STATISTS? the wealthy elites?…

They would be apoplectic, afraid they pushed us finally too far towards civil war. Calls would go out for the the National Guard and the military to protect them..but they wouldn’t need protecting and besides .most of those men and women in uniform would want to join us. .lol

What would it prove?

That America loves freedom more than fake security and when necessary can organize. Americans would show the whole world we can answer the call in support of Freedom over Socialism. Over gun confiscation, over corrupt politicians. Peacefully. But what a statement that would make.

And then after celebrating we would go home and in November vote out the bums that caused all of this hoopla to begin with. No Civil War (sorry enemies) just an election, a peaceful election. Imagine that.

Imagine the powerful message that would send. Imagine how a united force like that marching, and what it would look and sound like.

We would show the world that We the People of America are tired of the divide and the unrest. And we are united enough. At least the people that love America are united.

It would demonstrate to the world, our enemies.the media who would be forced to cover it, (millions of people folks) and the political establishment.

It would be unbelievable and so incredibly, incredibly powerful.

Imagine a peaceful yet armed march of millions. Families men and women, with kids even, across the country..

The world would shake and yet no rounds would need fly at all at Concord or anywhere in this grand ole country.

Just imagine..


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