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Electing a Democrat?

God Bless America

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I said it earlier today that I thought the federal government had reached the point where it has perfected the Charlie Foxtrot (Cluster Fu@k) to an exact science! I was responding to the sad state of affairs for people’s health care costs which have skyrocketed for many families  thanks to the well meaning but terribly bad Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare. It should have been called the Unaffordable Care Act but this is just what we can come to expect if Hillary is elected.

These hopeful progressive ideas that Dems continue to promote year after year, decade after decade that say if we only tax the rich a little more; grow government a little more; and control people and property more efficiently, the world would be a better place free of want, hunger, greed, poverty, etc. etc.. is so much rubbish. It’s so far from how things work and how humans really behave that it really belongs in Science Fiction (ie Star Trek) and not politics.

In practice these policies like national healthcare and laws they push year after year have never worked efficiently if at all, and in most cases just cause more complicated problems in the present and for the future. However they all make for good sound bites to the masses of people who want to have someone fix all their personal problems for them. If it gets them reelected and allow them to remain in power who cares if they work. These phony hucksters like Clinton continue to appeal so long as people believe in the effectiveness of fairytale programs and blatant lies.


Wake up America and smell reality for a change! You are about to elect a decades long cheat and grifter. A woman who for years enriched her own purse through the public offices her and her husband held and were trusted to protect. No politician should get rich working in government. The Clintons are the poster kids for this type of infamy.  Hillary Clinton is criminally negligent and dangerously reckless with national security matters. She is a habitual liar and  I believe a narcissist in love with her public image. She wants you to look the other way while she steals this election as well as the White House china.

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