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…there goes an American

God Bless America

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We don’t need hyphenated Americans in this country.  We are one nation, with one common language- English, with multiple races, ethnicities and traditions. We have many cultures represented here but one culture is predominant and should remain that way, and that’s the American culture. We speak the same language here so we can understand each other and that should remain so. We need to have values too that are similar, not necessarily the same but at least close, so there are no misunderstandings, and mutual respect for one another can exist.  We need diversity of thought and ideas but not at the cost of cultural unity and national suicide. No nation has ever stood long after fully embracing multiculturalism.

We are first and foremost a great nation, unlike any other in the history of the planet despite repeated attempts by some to change that. Our founders recognized the right of the individual first, and wrote laws protecting the individual and his property. We are a nation run by its citizens not a king, or ruling class or elite. We the people are sovereign and supposed to be in charge. This is fundamentally different than most other nations on Earth. Our nation is not like the others.  We are not all the same. We have a pedigree like no other and should not act like we have no singular identity or culture because we in fact do.

Our founding fathers were Englishmen that respected God and established law based upon their understanding of God. While we accept those of all faiths or none, our laws were not created specifically with Atheists in mind nor were they created for Muslims. This is a historical fact. The law allowed for those of all faiths to worship here freely without state sanction or interference or to not worship at all. The laws were not written to deny the existence of God or deny worship in public, nor were they written so that one faith or denomination was above all others and the law.

We have laws that everyone should learn to understand and respect and we need enforcement of those laws that should be enforced equally and justly. I would challenge anyone however to find a more fair and beneficent set of laws anywhere in the world. We are not perfect, but we don’t have equals.

No other nation has done more for the world in the history of mankind in a positive way. No other nation is more giving and generous of its time and resources. There should be no doubt as Americans, who we are or what we stand for. There is a reason why millions of people from all over the world still want to come here to live and become Americans even if some would have us believe there is nothing special about us at all.

We have lost our way in many areas but all is not lost. We should strive to be our best and preserve our heritage for our children.  As in times past, others on Earth should look at as us as we walk by and say there goes an American- generous, God-fearing, independent, free like the wind; with a spirit of enthusiasm, determination, and tireless ingenuity that is as great and soaring as an eagle.



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