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Islam & Immigration for the Future

God Bless America

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Just a thought but if Islam is truly a religion of peace and the majority do not support the barbarism that occurs daily in areas controlled by Islamic fascists then why aren’t there more of those peace loving people marching in the streets of their capitals of their respective countries right now and demanding their governments do something about the violence? Why isn’t every peace loving Islamic country vocally and physically opposing the monsters like ISIS right now instead of just a few nations, and most of them, Western democracies?  I can understand why we don’t see that in the Middle East. In Islamic countries throughout the Middle East thousands will show up to chant “Death to America”, or to cry and tear their clothes in anguish, and trample and kill a few innocents, all over a cartoon representation of “Mo” but protest the beheading of a fellow Islamic or Christian in general, naah that’s okay, they deserve it according to the literal translation of Mo’s book.



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I can understand why chanting give peace a chance in the streets of Mecca might not work but what about in Western democracies, why aren’t we seeing more protests and marches and denunciations of ISIS and the barbarity that’s covered in the news? Could it be that those peace-loving Muslims are afraid to speak up out of fear and retaliation by the true believers among the populations? Could it be that in the quiet privacy of their homes they secretly support the actions taken by their more zealot brothers and keepers of the faith? Actions speak louder than words and their actions and words of protest are silent by and large, which tells us much.

I truly believe any Muslim that says his religion is a religion of peace and vocally opposes the killing going on right now by ISIS is not a true believer of Islam or they are just being disingenuous. They are a progressive believer at best and they are not in the majority, for if they were they would not be afraid to speak up in the relative safety and comfort of the West let alone in Mecca. Go ahead and ask those peace loving Muslims what they think would happen to them if they went to Mecca or any Islamic nation’s capital and started a peace march in support of say.. Christians? What would they say would happen to them? They would probably say something that it’s not permitted or that those over there do not believe the way they believe, etc etc and in that case they would be correct. Most Muslims in Muslim countries are not peace loving and do not recognize an individual’s right to believe as he wants. That point of view is a western, democratic tradition and not a Middle Eastern or Islamic tradition.

Isn’t it more likely that every country that is controlled by Islam does not believe in freedom for its citizens and would crush anyone who dared express an opinion against the Mullahs true interpretation of the Koran? Islam itself if fractured between Sunni and Shia, which has resulted in the killing of millions in Allah’s name, so how much more intolerant must they be of Christians or atheists for that matter? Could it be those governments openly or at least tacitly advocate the kind of violence we see perpetrated by ISIS? Could it be those leaders in those Islamic countries hate our country and its people because of our openly flaunting “freedom” and “tolerance” of everything and everyone?


There is no such thing as separation of church and state in Islamic controlled nations. The citizens of these countries have supported this way of life for centuries either by relinquishing their freedom willingly or by subjugation. All those who opposed the will of Allah are put to death. There is no discussion and debate on the matter. As such there is no tradition of self-interest and independence you find in the western nations and democracies. So why should we expect someone coming here to America or to any western nation  professing to still be an Islamic adherent and yet want to adopt our way of life. I would not believe it for a second and neither should you.

They do not change their point of view just because they are in our lands. Their faith guides them to not accept our way of life or belief systems. They instead insist we change ours for them. You can see this clearly happening in Europe right now. You don’t have Moroccan Islamic immigrants becoming Frenchman adopting French customs, beliefs and traditions; you have just Muslims who happen to live in France changing nothing but citizenship in name and a new address from where their welfare check comes from.

We have a President who is pandering to Islamic interests like no other President before him. It most likely is because of his own heritage. He does this however at the expense of one of our closest allies in the region, Israel. I think that is a mistake that will lead to more war in the region if not globally. This leads me to the point of my article.

I read yesterday that President Obama is going to allow ten thousand Syrian refugees into our country this next fiscal year. This is dangerous as Islamists have no tradition of freedom and tolerance. I do not think they would easily assimilate to our culture and way of life and this must be a concern for all of us and our government when we look at our immigration policy. Just like the thousands of  Central and South Americans who stream across our borders illegally with no intention of adopting our values, language, culture or custom, so too would Islamists moving here legally or otherwise.  They would not melt into the American pot so to speak but would instead stick out like a piece of sharp glass or deadly mix of gasoline and explosive.

The idea of living the American dream is a great one but our policy of letting anyone in at any time night or day and without legal authority has to stop and soon. We need to reexamine the purpose of immigration. We want to be a bastion of freedom and democracy to the oppressed but shouldn’t the rest of us who are already here get something out of the deal too?  How does having millions of largely unskilled workers come here, workers who won’t assimilate into our country, help us the American citizens who either were born here or stood in line waiting to move here legally?

I believe it is the intention of this President and his supporters to forcefully change the demographic mix of  this country. Not just the color of our citizens skins which I do believe is part of it, but also the type of person who comes here.  I believe it is a carefully orchestrated attempt to make more and more government dependents, and dissatisfied socialists ,who will affect change by shear numbers and tax the system so terribly that the government will forcefully be overturned and the Constitution rendered obsolete and powerless. This is the hope and change Barrack Hussein Obama has promised. God help us all when he completely succeeds.




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